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Drying and Cleaning Gourds 


It will take months for a gourd to dry out, with the larger gourds taking longer.  Gourds generally take 6 – 12 months to completely dry.  Gourds can be dried inside or outside.  The benefit of leaving them out in the sun all winter to dry is that the UV rays will cause the skin to break down as so can be easily cleaned.  They should be placed in a well-ventilated area so there is good air circulation.  The bset place ot put them is on a wire mesh surface. But most important is that wahtever surface they are placed on does not contain moisture.  Turning the gourds periodically, maybe once every two week, helps them dry.

To clean the gourd it should first soak in water for approximately 30 minutes.  It can be places in a sink under water with a wet towel on top or covered in a wet towel and placed in the shower with a slow trickle of water.  After the gourd has soaked, use a metal pot scrubber to clean it.  The soaking of the water is the key, as usually the outer layer will come right off.


A gourd must be completely dry before it can be painted.  They are dry when the seeds rattle inside.  If the gourd is not totally dry it will become moldy.


Once the gourd has been cleaned, and dried from the soaking and cleaning process, the gourd may be painted as the red apple gourd shown below, or covered with cloth in a collage form. Many one-inch squares of cloth were dipped in diluted Elmer's® Glue and then placed on the gourd to dry. Once the cloth has thoroughly dried a spray polyurethane could be applied.

gourds gourd
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